Pac 3D

Use the keys or WASD to control PackMan through the maze in the game PacMan 3D. Use the map to see if there are ghosts around the corner, or where the remaining points and strength tablets are. Press SPACEBAR to start the game. Have fun!To be honest, we never thought that one of the very first games would return again, and return in such a performance. Of course, it's nice to remember how we tried to complete the mission of collecting yellow glowing balls, but it seemed the game had outlived its usefulness and is unlikely to ever return. What could be changed there, do you think? Let's not languish, and immediately present you Pacman 3D, how do you like it? Yes, it is three-dimensional graphics that are waiting for us, and if we previously worried that our hero could be devoured by nasty creatures running very fast, now they are not so fast, which of course pleases. In addition, the labyrinth has become brighter, and the whole environment is not so gloomy. Our main character has not changed color. But the task remains the same, you ride through the maze and collect small yellow particles.
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