Snake Attack

Snake Attack is a classic game with excellent realistic graphics and a funny character. Your snake looks very real and very pretty. It even makes sounds when eating food and when a fat evil snake catches up with her. You will like this improved game with modern design.You have a new pet - this rather cute little snake. But if you are caring, attentive to its needs and try to protect the creeping pet, then the snake will have a good chance to grow up and become a solid fat snake. Then she will have to be less afraid of her relatives, because the playing field is densely populated with other snakes. And all of them will gladly eat those who are smaller and weaker. Only the correct control of its movements across the field can save the little serpent from premature death. A cute character, realistic high-quality graphics and soundtrack (snakes chuck funny while eating, rustle in motion and squeak in fear of big competitors) make the game exciting and enjoyable.
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