Hungry Snake

Help the snake in the Hungry Snake game become big and strong. Control your snake and collect bright dots wherever you see them. Do not get into trouble, especially if your opponent is larger and stronger. Be patient and you can become the strongest.A small snake living in a virtual world dreams of becoming a big one. To do this, she needs to eat a lot, which is quite problematic. The fact is that in the place where she lives, there is a fierce struggle for food. Many snakes roam the playing field in search of her. Help the snake make his dream come true.Those people who had a push-button telephone probably hung in a snake for a long time. Now this is history, and its name is like a classic snake, and it's pretty old. You will control a small snake, which will so deftly eat enemy points. The snake runs pretty fast, so you will need to be on time, turn around so as not to hit yourself. If this happens, then problems will arise and the gameplay will stop. A score will be kept at the bottom of the screen, you need to keep track of it, because it will increase after each point eaten. The background is blue, a bit like old computers, but the graphics here do not need cool at all, because it used to be primitive, but insanely, unconsciously interesting.
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