PacMan 2 Player

In the game PacMan 2 Player, you can control both PacMan and the ghost. A player who is playing as PacMan must eat as many cherries as possible and not get caught by a ghost. Use arrows to control PacMan and WASD to control the ghost. Score 6 points in 180 seconds.Pacman is back in business - this insatiable creature is ready to devour everything that only catches his eye. His stomach is so strong that it is able to digest even the yellow rounds lying around in the maze. It is all of them that should be eaten to successfully overcome the test of the current level. You will have to act alone, so beware of other characters who will be in the area. We are talking about monsters roaming nearby. If you touch them even a little, then troubles cannot be avoided. Be careful, eat yellow balloons, collect coins and delicious food - and the completion of the task is guaranteed.
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