Snake Game

The main goal of the game Snake Game is to get to food at all costs. Hurry up to eat as many fruit as possible before the time runs out. You can choose survival or adventure mode. Do all the tasks to complete a level. Be attentive and quick. Good luck!An interesting novelty will be appreciated by everyone who has spent more than one hour playing After all, the developers managed to make character control more convenient and responsive, introduced many bright original effects and worked on updating the design. At the same time, the old, familiar to all players conditions and rules remain unchanged. Therefore, you can start the game as soon as you enter your nickname, indicate which server you want to play from and select a nice skin for your future character. There are about 20 of them, so the choice is excellent. It is difficult to determine the species of the hero - he looks like a worm or a thin snake. So call it whatever you want, it's not so important.
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