Mahjong Connect 5

The goal of the game Mahjong Connect 5 is to find two identical tiles. You can do this using the right combinations. This game will test your attentiveness and boost your logical thinking. Find two pairs with the same image and clear the playing field from the tiles.Continuing to present logic games, we present you the second part of the popular oriental game, which is called Mahjong Connect 5. As in the first part, your task consists of choosing identical tiles, which in this case will lead to a complete clearing of the player's field from mahjong tiles. This game contains thirty levels, and the player who can complete all levels will go to the main field.But do not forget that you have only six attempts, that is, each deadlock that led to the start of the game from scratch will lead to the loss of one attempt, so you will not only have to not reach a dead end, but also not be late to disassemble the mahjong in the three minutes provided. By the way, time is constantly decreasing, but each successful selection of chips will increase seconds and minutes, in a word, it all depends on you. But let's proceed directly to the very process of the game and figure it out on the spot, so to speak, what's what.
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