Mahjong Connect 4 free online

The idea of the Mahjong Connect 4 free online game (fullscreen) is the same as in the classic mahjong. You need to find two pairs of identical tiles and remove them. Try to clear the playing field before the time runs out and enjoy this addictive puzzle game.The game consists of 12 levels, in the very first of which you will see on the screen not a figure laid out of tiles, but a solid table of them. It consists of many columns and rows filled with playing tiles with symbols printed on them. Examine the entire table, trying to find tiles with the same symbols in it. Unlike the classic Mahjong, in this version of the game you can connect even those tiles that are inside the table and are blocked from all sides by other tiles. The main condition is that between a pair of tiles it is possible to draw a straight line or a line with one or more right angles. Please note that tiles located diagonally cannot be connected. The task of the player in each level is to remove absolutely all the tiles from the playing field. For this, you will be given a limited time, counted down on the right side of the screen.
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