Mahjong Classic

Your goal in the game Mahjong Solitaire Classic is to earn as many points as possible. Find pairs and remove all tiles from the playing field before the time runs out to complete the level. Play strategically and try to complete as many levels as possible.The rules of this game are known to everyone, and if suddenly you don’t know how to play a new beautiful game, then using the hint, you can easily figure it out, since the main rule in the Mahjong Classic Connect game is to pick up the same chips. But this game has undergone some changes that will appeal to both sophisticated oriental puzzle lovers and beginners who decide to test their mindfulness.When you start the game, you will find a large cluster of chips, where you have to find pairs, thereby destroying a large cluster. By the way, you probably noticed the word connect in the name of the game, which means connection, this is the main rule, since a connection must be established between identical chips. All chips are depicted with Chinese characters, which complicates the task of searching, but this is a matter of time and getting used to, so do not be discouraged, but rather get ready for an exciting game.
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