Google doodle PacMan

The main task in the game Google doodle PacMan is to get points collecting all the white dots. Try to do it quickly and carefully, since the maze guards are constantly watching you. They will try to catch you and you will have to start the game again.Pacman prefers to eat various objects that are shown to his eyes. In food, he is not picky, so he can have a meal with anything. You will have to take on the role of this gluttonous character, and if you want, you will always be able to call a true friend to help. With a friend and more fun to play, and faster to cope with the proposed missions. Right now you need to go through the maze, where you have to eat yellow rounds. You should also collect tasty items like cherries and pick up useful things - coins. You are not alone in the labyrinth, monsters roam nearby that can cause harm. Beware of ill-wishers, otherwise you will not pass a level.
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