Flash PacMan

Collect all the points in the level to win the game Flash PacMan. If PacMan picks up a large flickering dot, he can eat octopuses for a short time. The game is very simple. When all points are collected, you can go to the next level.Just imagine what we have just found! This is the old, kind and beloved Pacman, yes, yes, almost our first hero with whom we could go on a journey through a huge maze. I would like to note that the game Pac-Man for Dendy and to this day is almost the most popular arcade game. There is no need to advertise this game for older players, but if you still don’t know one of the first “elders” of the arcade world, so to speak, then now you have a great opportunity to catch up. But what is he doing in a huge labyrinth with monsters? And nothing special, he just loves to eat, and in the labyrinth there is a lot of food and you can feast on it. One has only to be afraid of getting caught by monsters, they will not stand on ceremony and immediately destroy the yellow lover to run around the maze.
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