3D Snake

In the game 3D Snake, your task is to eat as many apples as you can. In the beginning, you need to select a stage: the grass stage or the lava stage. Use the left and right arrows to control your snake. Be careful and try not to fall. Have a great time and good luck!It sounds a bit weak - 3D Snake, don't you think? Of course, those players who have not yet had a chance to feel everything that a real snake feels in a large meadow cannot know what awaits them, and for those who have already managed to visit a large bright and three-dimensional world, they can safely say that you will not have to manage a worm , but a truly huge snake that not only eats everything in its path, but grows, and if necessary, fights for the right to live with the rest of the snakes. Everyone who crawls has its own unique color and color, which you can either choose at the beginning of the game, or agree to any random one, and very often it is no worse than that of gamers who have passed registration!
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